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Understanding Fast CAT Rankings

What is Fast CAT?

AKC Fast CAT, or Coursing Ability Test, is a timed dog sport event where dogs run a 100-yard dash individually, chasing a lure. This event not only showcases a dog’s speed and agility but also provides a fun and competitive environment for dog owners and their pets. Fast CAT has quickly gained popularity among dog enthusiasts, offering a unique way to engage with their pets and the dog community.

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How Fast CAT Rankings Work

Fast CAT rankings are determined by calculating a dog’s average speed over the 100-yard dash. This speed is then converted into points, which contribute to the dog’s overall ranking. The faster the dog, the higher the points they earn. Fast CAT rankings are typically categorized by breed, allowing fair comparisons among dogs of similar sizes and capabilities.

Fast CAT Rankings

AKC Fast CAT Rankings Point Calculation

To determine a dog’s AKC Fast CAT points, follow these steps:

  1. Measure the Time: Record the dog’s time to complete the 100-yard course in seconds.

  2. Convert Time to Speed: Use the formula Speed (MPH) = 204.545 / Run Time (seconds) to convert the time into miles per hour (MPH).

  3. Determine the Handicap: Based on the dog’s height at the withers, apply the appropriate handicap:

    • 18 inches or greater: No handicap
    • 12–17.9 inches: Handicap of 1.5
    • Under 12 inches: Handicap of 2
  4. Calculate the Points: Multiply the dog’s speed (MPH) by its handicap to calculate the Fast CAT points.

This method ensures a fair comparison across different dog sizes, accurately reflecting their speed and agility.

Factors Affecting Fast CAT Rankings

Breed and Size

Different breeds have varying natural speeds. Greyhounds and Whippets, known for their speed, often dominate the rankings. However, Fast CAT is inclusive, allowing all breeds to compete and be ranked within their breed and overall. Smaller breeds may not achieve the top speeds of larger, faster breeds, but they can excel within their categories.

Training and Conditioning

A dog’s performance in Fast CAT can be significantly improved with proper training and conditioning. Regular exercise, sprint training, and maintaining a healthy weight are crucial for optimal performance. Training should focus on short bursts of speed and endurance to mimic the conditions of a Fast CAT event.

Health and Age

A dog’s health and age play significant roles in their Fast CAT performance. Younger, healthier dogs tend to perform better. Regular veterinary check-ups ensure that your dog is in peak health, addressing any issues that might affect their speed and stamina.

Improving Your Dog's Fast CAT Ranking

Regular Practice

Consistent practice is key to improving your dog’s speed and performance in Fast CAT events. Frequent sprints and practice runs help build muscle memory and improve overall speed. Incorporating play and chase games into your dog’s routine can make training enjoyable and effective.

akc fast cat ranking

Proper Nutrition

A balanced diet is essential for maintaining your dog’s health and energy levels. High-quality protein, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates are important for muscle building and sustained energy. Supplements like glucosamine and Ultra Joint – Liquid Joint Support Supplement can support joint health, crucial for sprinting activities.

Healthy Weight Maintenance

Maintaining a healthy weight is critical for optimal performance in Fast CAT. Excess weight can slow a dog down and increase the risk of injuries. A balanced diet rich in high-quality proteins, healthy fats, and essential nutrients supports muscle development and overall health. Regular weigh-ins and adjustments to diet and exercise routines ensure that a dog stays in peak physical condition.

Rest and Recovery

Rest and recovery are equally important components of a training program. Adequate rest between training sessions allows muscles to recover and grow stronger. Back On Track Vest is great for dog’s recovery. Ensuring that a dog gets enough sleep and relaxation time prevents overtraining and reduces the risk of injury.

Veterinary Check-ups

Regular veterinary check-ups ensure your dog is in peak health. Any underlying health issues can be identified and addressed, preventing them from affecting performance. It’s also important to keep up with vaccinations and parasite control to avoid any health setbacks.

Mental Stimulation and Focus

Mental stimulation is just as important as physical conditioning. Training your dog to stay focused on the lure and ignore distractions can improve performance. Use positive reinforcement techniques to build a strong connection between your dog and the chase activity.

Why Participate in Fast CAT?

Bonding Experience

Participating in Fast CAT events strengthens the bond between you and your dog. The training sessions and the events themselves are excellent opportunities for quality time together. This shared activity fosters trust and communication, enhancing your overall relationship.

Physical and Mental Stimulation

Fast CAT provides great physical exercise for dogs, keeping them fit and healthy. It also offers mental stimulation, as dogs use their natural instincts to chase the lure. This combination of physical and mental engagement is beneficial for a dog’s overall well-being.

Social Interaction

These events are also social occasions, allowing you and your dog to interact with other participants. It’s a wonderful way to meet fellow dog lovers, share tips, and experiences. The sense of community and camaraderie at Fast CAT events makes them enjoyable for both dogs and their owners.

Competitive Spirit

For those with a competitive streak, Fast CAT offers an exciting outlet. Watching your dog improve and climb the rankings is rewarding. The thrill of competition can be a motivating factor for continued training and participation in events.


Fast CAT is a fantastic way to showcase your dog’s speed and agility while providing them with excellent physical and mental stimulation. By understanding the ranking system and focusing on training and conditioning, you can help your dog achieve its highest potential in this exciting sport. Whether you’re in it for fun or competition, Fast CAT is an enjoyable activity that benefits both you and your canine companion. Embrace the challenge, enjoy the process, and watch your dog soar to new heights in the Fast CAT rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fast CAT, or Coursing Ability Test, is a timed 100-yard dash where dogs run individually, chasing a lure. The dog’s speed is recorded and converted into points, which are then used to determine their ranking within their breed and overall.

The dog’s speed in miles per hour (mph) is calculated using the formula:

Speed (mph) = 204.54 / Time (seconds)

This speed is then multiplied by a pre-set factor to convert it into points. Points are accumulated over multiple runs to determine the dog’s overall ranking.

Yes, Fast CAT is inclusive and allows all breeds to compete. Dogs are ranked within their breed and overall, ensuring fair competition. Smaller or less traditionally fast breeds have the opportunity to excel within their size category.

Improving your dog’s Fast CAT performance involves regular exercise, sprint training, maintaining a healthy weight, conditioning exercises, and ensuring proper rest and recovery. Regular veterinary check-ups and a balanced diet also play crucial roles in optimizing performance.

Participating in Fast CAT provides numerous benefits, including strengthening the bond between you and your dog, offering excellent physical and mental stimulation for your pet, and fostering a sense of community with other dog enthusiasts. It’s an enjoyable and rewarding activity for both dogs and their owners.

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