About Us: A Journey into the World of Dog Sports

Welcome to our website, a dedicated hub for all things related to dog sports. Our journey into this exciting world began with our own dogs, and we quickly realized the challenge in finding comprehensive information about starting in dog sports and advancing to trials. With various organizations and scattered resources, we felt the need to create a one-stop platform for enthusiasts like us. Here, we not only share information but also our personal experiences with our beloved dogs, each unique in their journey and achievements.

Meet Our Canine Athletes

Corbin CGC
The Resilient Trailblazer

Corbin, our 7-year-old mixed breed rescue, is the embodiment of joy and resilience. A lover of hikes and playtime with his younger brothers, Tucker and Moose, Corbin initially ventured into agility. However, a diagnosis of hip dysplasia redirected his path to nose work, which he adores. His journey reminds us that there’s always a sport for every dog, regardless of their challenges.

all American dog

The Agility Performer

Tucker is our 4-year-old mixed breed rescue who really got us hooked on dog sports. He’s a natural at agility and even snagged his first titles – NA (Novice Agility Standard) NAJ (Novice Agility Jumpers) and also NF (Novice FAST) and is working on other agility titles now. Recently he got his next Agility title – OAJ Open Agility Jumpers

But agility isn’t his only thing – he’s also doing nose work and competition obedience. But his favorite by far at this point is Fast CAT.

He also got his Canine Good Citizen title, Novice Trick Dog title and Fit Dog Title.

akc agility dog

Photo by R.N. Rocco Photography

Moose, CGC
The Energetic Prodigy

sport dog

Moose, the youngest at 1 years old, is a Mini Australian Shepherd (or Mini American Shepherd) bursting with energy and happiness. We’ve been introducing him to the world of dog sports through agility classes, tailored for his puppy needs, and competition obedience and scent work classes as well. It’s amazing to see how dog sports are great for dogs of any age, and Moose is the perfect example of that!